Talk about friendly exes!

Kourtney Kardashian covers the latest issue of Cosmo magazine and talks about everything from her relationship with Scott Disick to Kim and Kanye's feud with Taylor Swift, and it sounds like she's open to giving The Lord a shot if continues to prove himself.

"The idea of having my family together is amazing, but it’s not the way things ended up. They may end up there. I’m not sure. To me, it’s in God’s hands. If it’s meant to be, then things will line up … We definitely tried for a long time. But relationships are exhausting! Being able to focus on the kids and me right now is good. We say to each other all the time, ‘I’m the coolest ex-girlfriend/baby mama you could ever ask for!'" she confessed to the mag.

So what happens if LD suddenly gets a girlfriend? "That’s what I don’t know. We’re so not there yet," she admitted.

The reality star was slightly less candid when it came Kim and Kanye's feud with Taylor Swift, but she did offer a little tid bit. "It’s her husband, and he’s family. The truth is the truth, so why not let it be known?” she explained.

For the most boring Kardashian, that was a pretty good sit-down!