It's Kim vs. Kylie vs. Sofia in a sexy selfie off!

Last night Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Sofia Richie all took to social media for some hits of validation by posting some sexy snaps and videos of themselves -- but whose post really caught your eye?!

Kim posted a video of herself getting a midnight spray tan. The video might be far away but we can tell she's topless!

Kylie can't stop, won't stop posting risque photo of herself. First offmages with her in a nude sports bra.

The the television personality also shared a lingerie shot of herself. Oh la la!

Meanwhile, Lionel Richie's daughter Sofia posted a swimsuit pic, a la Kim Kardashian's famous white suit snap. But she doesn't really have the body or the swagger to make it work.

Justin Bieber's piece gave a shout out to the Are You Am I swimsuit she's wearing that sells for $199.

If we're lining them all up, our vote goes with Kylie -- call her what you want (and we do) that girl knows how to do sexxxxxy!