She's ready to say HEYYYYYYYYYY to the online dating world!

Caitlyn Jenner is looking for love on a transgender dating site, Life & Style reports. "Caitlyn’s sticking to the transgender dating pool because the trans community understands her lifestyle and won’t judge her,” a source dished to the mag.

So who is she hoping to find? "Someone in the 30s to early 50s who is adventurous, who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty," the source added. Does this mean a man or a woman? Or does it matter to her? We're so confused.

Don't expect to find the I Am Cait star while you're swiping, though!

"Caitlyn is using an alias and doesn’t have a profile picture up. She wants to make sure her future partner doesn’t want her for her money and fame," the insider revealed.

Apparently, her ex Kris Jenner doesn't think this is the greatest way for her to find new romance. "Kris told Caitlyn that she doesn’t think online dating is safe. But Caitlyn doesn’t care. In fact, she doesn’t even think she should introduce her future partner to Kris — because Kris will want to make a reality show out of it!” the source explained.

We can't wait till she steps out with a new boo!