Leonardo DiCaprio, Kendall Jenner and TONS of other celebs have teamed up with the Vote Your Future campaign (helmed by Alejandro Inarritu, David O. Russell and Joss Whedon) to urge Americans of all ages and locations to get to the polls and vote in the upcoming presidential election. Though no one named the candidates, it's pretty clear that the overwhelming majority of the stars in the vid support Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump.

Nearly 100 stars participated in the video project, and in the 3-minute clip above we see some of them, but those involved also shot personal videos explaining what they care about. DiCaprio, Martin Sheen, Edward Norton and Julia Roberts all made passionate pleas for the environment, while Olivia Wilde and Eva Longoria pushed for women's rights. Kendall Jenner urged the younger crowd to cast their vote, while Wilmer Valderrama, who is pushing for immigration law reform, teared up when he spoke. Kate Hudson's request was probably the simplest: She just wants a president who can communicate.

Other stars appearing in the PSA included Anne Hathaway, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert De Niro, Zendaya, Jonah Hill, Bella Thorne, Emma Stone, Kathy Griffin, Sarah Hyland, David Schwimmer, Dwyane Wade, Alyssa Milano, Miranda Cosgrove and Rose McGowan, and other major issues touched on included gun control, racial equality, health care and fair wages.

    "I can't imaging having a political leader that doesn't listen to the scientific community. Over 97 per cent of the scientific community is in complete agreeance that we are contributing to climate change. To deny that means that you are not a part of the modern world. You don't believe in modern science, or facts. We can't argue it any more. We don't have enough time."

    "We the millennials, not just you, me included, all of us. We have so much power, we're the biggest generation there is. And I think that we should take that power and really use it. To make a change in the world, to make a change in something that you believe in, you have to get out there and vote."

    "First and foremost I think in a president I'm looking for a real communicator who can explain to people why we need to make different choices,' she claimed. 'And when they talk about implementing change in our country that I can see the steps and follow the steps as to how they could possibly get that done. And I think that gets people more involved in the change. That all starts and ends with communication. And I'm going to vote for the one that communicates the best."