Okay, let's just get this clear ... it seems like maybe French actress Marion Cotillard is pregnant with her long-time boyfriend Guillaume Canet's baby and not Brad Pitt's. At least that's the message both camps are putting out ...

Next, Leonardo DiCaprio has shed some weight and shaved his beard and he actually looks pretty damn good these days BUT, all may not be well with the Oscar-winning actor. Did you know the dude's involved in a Malaysian mafia scandal? And that the leader of one of the world's foremost rainforest charities is urging DiCaprio to step down from his United Nations climate change ambassadorship post?

This is what's going down ... Head of the Bruno Manser Fund, a Swiss rainforest advocacy group, called on Leo to disavow his ties to associates of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is suspected of using state funds to finance the actor’s 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street. "Leonardo DiCaprio has consistently refused to explain his close personal and financial ties with key persons of the Malaysian 1MDB scandal,” said Lukas Straumann, Bruno Manser Fund director, said at a Friday press conference in London.

And it didn't stop there -- activists from Malaysia, the UK and Switzerland called for DiCaprio to pay back "all dubious funds" received by his production company, Appian Way, from Riza Aziz, the prime minister’s stepson, and financier Low Taek Jho. "This is unacceptable. If DiCaprio fails to distance himself from Malaysian corruption, he should resign as U.N. messenger of peace for climate change,” Mr. Straumann said. "We can’t save the environment if we fail to stop corruption."

And oh yeah ... we snapped DiCaprio at the premiere of his new film Before the Flood, a documentary about climate change that will premiere on the National Geographic Channel on Oct. 30.