Rose McGowan is not holding back ...

The 43-year-old took to Twitter to say that she was raped by a top Hollywood exec — and the Internet is reeling.

The Scream actress tweeted the bombshell claims in response to the continuing allegations against Donald Trump about his inappropriate sexual behavior. In a speech on Friday, the Republican hopeful chastised the women who were now coming forward because they hadn’t reported anything at the time — and needless to say, McGowan was not having it.

Claiming that a Hollywood exec raped her, McGowan wrote: "Because my ex sold our movie to my rapist for distribution," "Because it's been an open secret in Hollywood/Media and they shamed me while adulating my rapist," and "A (female) criminal attorney said because I'd done a sex scene in a film I would never win against the studio head." Each comment ended with “#WhyWomenDontReport.”

We commend McGowan for her bravery and are looking to see what comes from these candid tweets.

There have been several reports emerging in the past two weeks alleging sexual misconduct by Trump. Most recently, a woman named Kristin Anderson told The Washington Post about an incident that she alleges took place in the early ‘90s, in which the media mogul forced his hand up her skirt while at a nightclub in NYC.

Anderson said, “He did touch my vagina through my underwear. Absolutely.” She added that her friends were “very grossed out and weirded out” by Trump’s behavior.

Hope Hicks, a Trump spokeswoman, told The Washington Post that there was no truth to the woman’s claims.

Hicks said, “Mr. Trump strongly denies this phony allegation by someone looking to get some free publicity. It is totally ridiculous.”

Ya know what — it is ridiculous!