Just because Angelina Jolie is going through a personal crisis of her own, doesn't mean she's stopped working for those less fortunate. The actress-humanitarian recently recorded a video message for the International Criminal Court in support of the Office the Prosecutor’s launch of their new policy on children.

In it, she says: "Successful prosecution and new legal benchmark, whether at the ICC or elsewhere is part of the long and vital generational effort. That is the light in which I believe the court’s new policy on children should be seen. II particularly welcome the commitment to include charges for crimes against children wherever the evidence permits as part of a more systematic approach. I congratulate the office of the chief prosecutor, and all those working on the policy."

The Special Envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee addressed senior representatives of the United Nations, whom called for a general mobilization against the atrocities committed against children. Meanwhile, her personal life is in an upheaval ... the mother-of-six is recently reached a custody agreement after estranged hubby Brad Pitt filed a response on November 4, requesting joint custody of the children following Jolie's petition for sole physical custody.