It ain't over 'til it's over! Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are giving their marriage another try -- putting in the hard work it takes to get over infidelities and irresponsibility ...

Ben and Jen spent two hours together in couple's therapy, on Saturday, leaving the kids at home for the intense session. The estranged but together-all-the-time husband and wife emerged from their Santa Monica counselor's office looking serious and perhaps a bit emotionally bruised. No doubt, there's a lot of painful stuff for these two to work through.

But don't count these two out just yet. Despite the couple announcing their intention to divorce in June 2015, the filing never came -- from either side. Not too long after, Jen called Ben "the love of [her] life" and the two started slowly spending more and more time together until Ben eventually moved back into the couple's Pacific Palisades family home, albeit into the guest house.

Our photographer on the scene today tells us, "Even though they didn't look super happy when they emerged from counseling, they got in the car together and went home together. They always look happiest when they're with their kids so I'm sure they were headed back to spend time with them. Ben and Jen really seem like they want to make it work for their family."

So it seems these two are willing to work through their issues -- we've spotted them at church together, grabbing coffee together during the week and out to breakfast together with their son Sam. With three kids and a long history, we're rooting for these two to make it work!