We use our bodies to make our own #MannequinChallenge 🎉 THANK YOU for voting #PieceOfMe for @TheBestOfLV!!!

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Get it girls! Of course, we'd like this even better if Britney Spears and Kate Hudson did the mannequin challenge together, but whatevs...

Someone in Britney's tour squad took a video of the star and all of her backup dancers frozen in time on the stage in Las Vegas, and they absolutely nailed it. "We use our bodies to make our own #MannequinChallenge," Spears captioned the video.

Meanwhile, Kate was at a weekend party in Malibu with some famous friends like Rachel Zoe and Courteney Cox, and aside from a few squirmy children, most everyone in the clip knocked it out of the park as well. Kate's slightly less famous friend, Sara Foster, was the one who posted it on Instagram, and she captioned the clip, "Mannequin Challenge Take 86."

LOL. Who's next?!