Dating a fighter does a body good!

Demi Lovato looked stunning and confident in a sexy silk suit with satin cami at LAX, on Wednesday, as she returned home from a trip to New York to see the Conor McGregor-Edie Alvarez fight with her new boyfriend, UFC fighter Luke Rockhold.

The beefy boxer towers over the petite Demi -- they look a little like Hayden Panettiere and hubby Wladimir Klitschko -- but both looked super happy as they went public with their relationship at the big event. Buuuuuut ... it seems Rockhold had eyes for Demi's frenemy Taylor Swift, according to a new report.

HollywoodLife says a source tells them: “Demi may not have any idea about this but Luke has had a crush on Taylor for YEARS. Luke loves Taylor’s music, thinks she is super sexy and has always wanted to date the singer. Luke follows Taylor on Twitter and has even been to a few of her shows but with her busy love-life, Luke has never had the opportunity to ask Taylor out on a romantic date. But Luke would jump at the opportunity if Taylor ever hit him up.”

Wow, not a great way to start off a relationship!