Where is everyone in his time of need?!

Kim Kardashian dropped everything and flew from NY to LA when she learned Kanye West had been hospitalized for a mental breakdown, but the rest of her famous family has yet to pay a visit to the rapper's bedside. Khloe is currently in Ohio spending time with boyfriend Tristan Thompson so she has an excuse, but Kris Jenner and Kourtney arrived back in California yesterday and haven't bothered to go to the hospital. Kendall, Kylie, Rob, and Scott have been noticeably absent as well. What gives?

A source tells us:
    "They're pretty sure Kanye's okay and doesn't really need a visit from the rest of the family. Kim's been to the hospital, but isn't staying there all day and night; she's just stopped by."

Knowing what we know about how calculated every move is with the K clan, something just doesn't add up. What if it's true that Yeezy orchestrated his whole meltdown to collect insurance on his canceled Saint Pablo tour, and so Kimmy K deliberately flew to the East coast to avoid being involved in the elaborate lie and having to testify? That would certainly explain why the family hasn't visited... they know he's fine and they want to stay as far away as possible from this!

And that's exactly what our source says:
    "Kanye did this to cover himself. He's stressed and overwhelmed, but it was also a good excuse to get out of the rest of his concert dates. That's why Kris and the rest of the family aren't visiting - they're not REALLY concerned; they know what's up. And really, Kanye just wants to spend the holidays with his family."

We don't doubt Ye has been stressed and exhausted, but he would be smart to blow it up into something bigger to avoid being on the hook for millions... just sayin'!