Production for Keeping Up With The Kardashians is officially shut down ... for now!

The reality show's production stopped abruptly on Oct. 3rd, after Kimbo was held up gunpoint by five masked men in Paris, and while we thought the show would begin production sometime soon it appears as though cameras won't be rolling on the Kardashian/Jenners for the rest of the year --- and maybe more!

How will we go on without insight into the selfie-loving, self-obsessed clan?!

Sources tell TMZ that the producers have enough footage to finish the season, but the original plan was to film through the holidays -- but the fam has shut that down.

It has been reported that Kanye's hospitalization had temporarily shut down production, but it turns out Kim has been such a mess since the robbery that they hadn't been filming and hadn't planned on it until after December.

The hope is that the show will go on eventually ... but the outlet claims that Kim is "rethinking everything."

Does that mean that the materialistic mama is going to leave her life of leisure and help others for a change? Doubtful ...

UPDATE: On Tuesday afternoon, E! released a statement refuting the report: "Keeping Up With the Kardashians is currently in production and has not been halted."