Tyga is in hot water due to his money issues yet again!

The 27-year-old has his Ferrari 488 repossessed not once, but twice -- and is now being sued for failing to make his lease payments on the car, according to TMZ.

The outlet is reporting a man named Alex Benedict has filed a lawsuit against Tyga over a red Ferrari. In August, the car was repossessed after Tyga apparently failed to pay off the rest of what he owed. However, his legal team (which we bet was paid for by Kylie) threatened to take legal action, so he got the vehicle back soon after.

According to the site, upon getting the ride back, Tyga struck up a deal with Benedict, which entailed giving the car back last month.

But he didn't stick to the deal -- so the car was repossessed a second time earlier this month.  Benedict is now seeking $150,000 in damages.

Last Wednesday, Tyga was served legal papers, which may be in regards to this lawsuit -- or maybe another one of his many other legal issues!

The "Rack City" rapper was out at Penthouse nightclub in West Hollywood last Wednesday when he got served by a man who was then forcibly removed from the venue, according to TMZ

He was recently ordered to pay $200,000 in a jewelry lawsuit - and has paid off $100,000 plus interest to the jeweler.

The repayments were due to be settled in debtor's examination last month, but the debt was not settled because Tyga said he was "too sick to proceed."

Earlier this year Tyga was ordered to pay $186,000 over a trashed property in Malibu.

Hey Tyga, maybe stop buying all that bling and settle your debts, yo!