Talk about hot travel buddies!

Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Emily Ratajkowski and a bunch of other models are currently frolicking around the Bahamas in bikinis, and while we think it's for a photo shoot, it's very possible they're all just friends and wanted to head somewhere tropical to relax. How smokin' do Bella and Em look on that jet ski?!

We bet the group had no shortage of topics to discuss. Gigi Hadid's little sister recently broke up with The Weeknd, and ol' Hails is rumored to be still secretly hooking up with The Biebs.

On another note, we're seriously wondering how all these babes have such good bods? If you follow any of them on Snapchat, you would know that all they seemingly do all day is eat cheeseburgers. That can't be the case!