Brad Pitt just got majorly denied!

The superstar requested an emergency hearing to seal his and Angelina Jolie’s custody battle from the public, but a judge rejected Brad’s request on Wednesday morning.

Brad has requested an emergency hearing because he wanted to lock down proceedings related to the A-list couple’s custody war over their six children — however, the judge shot him down quickly, reports TMZ.

Apparently Brad’s legal team has been irate ever since Angelina filed the couple’s temporary custody arrangement in court last week, which made it public to all.

The site reports that their sources say that Angelina file the docs in court so that the judge could enforce her terms, namely letting a therapist make the call on when Brad could have unmonitored visits.

Brad was cleared by DCFS and wants to have solo time with his kids — but it appears as if the dark beauty is doing everything in her power to stop that.

The site also claims that the Oscar winner wants the case to remain private, but only if Brad sticks to the custody arrangement they both signed off on months ago.

Angie ain’t playin’ nice!