What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than with a little nudity!

Emily Ratajkowski has no problem showing some skin, and we guess she thought the rest of her friends and family wouldn't mind seeing it either, because she sent out holiday cards with a photo of herself completely naked covering her private parts. Let's hope she doesn't have a creepy uncle!

"The cards are far more than just a holiday greeting — they’re a gift in and of themselves. With everything going on in the world this year, my material gifts seemed to stop short at feeling special and full of love, so I decided to do the collages," she explained to The Sun. Umm, OK!

Lena Dunham, meanwhile, went for a little less sexy of a pose but nevertheless got topless to fulfill her dreams of becoming a mermaid, and shared the image on her social media.

On a more wholesome note, cute couple Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole wished their friends and fans a merry X-mas by donning the Santa hat filter and playing around on Snapchat.

Ho ho ho!