He is just the best!

John Legend is one of the most talented men in music these days, so it's no wonder that he was able to take a tune written by Teresa Giudice's imprisoned husband Joe and make it sound like a hit! The "All Of Me" crooner put a melody to the convicted felon's love song lyrics during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, and it made us love him even more than we already do!

"Cause I'll love you forever. I’ll never lie, no never. ’Cause you are my baby, my empress, my lady. Teresa, you are my-y-y heaven," one verse went.

The Grammy winner also opened up about the first time he said the L-word to wife Chrissy Teigen.

"We were both drunk and had just had sex. You're not supposed to say I love you after you have sex, and you're not supposed to say it when you're drunk - but we did it. But I do love her, it was the truth, it was the truth," he confessed. Aww!

He also offered a word of support for pal Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian.

"We're just rooting for Kanye to get better. We're all fans of him and friends of him and want him to get well and be able to do what he loves to do. It's tough - it's tough to deal with all of this - so we're rooting for them to get better," he explained.

Andy Cohen can literally get his guests to do or say anything!