He wasn't left out of the celebrations, contrary to reports.

Kanye West wasn't excluded from Kim and the Kardashian family's holiday festivities, despite a new report from The Sun that claimed the rapper was banned from Kris Jenner's annual Christmas party by his fed up wife. "The story is false. Kanye was at the party," Kim's spokesperson clarified to the DailyMail.

"She refused to let him come to her family’s annual party on Christmas Eve despite the fact they have always attended as a couple. He went to watch a film with friends instead while she celebrated with her sisters," the outlet reported. "On Friday they took North to see The Nutcracker but they barely spoke or interacted inside. The tensions were visible. Neither of them are in a happy place right now," they added.

Even though Yeezy was apparently at the blowout bash, things weren't exactly cheery. The pair "barely spoke" and arrived separately, with 'Ye catching a flick with a friend beforehand, according to People.

The next day, the Wests opened presents at Kourtney's house, but it seems they were just playing nice for the sake of their children. "They were focused on making it a fun Christmas for the kids. They hang out with the kids, but are not really getting along otherwise," the source added.

We give their marriage until Valentine's Day. Let the divorce countdown begin!