The world is officially ending...

Kanye West managed to snag a 15-minute meeting with President-Elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower this morning, and the incoming POTUS personally escorted the rapper out after the sit-down. What on earth could they possibly need to discuss? Given the way his cabinet is shaping up, we wouldn't be surprised if the Orange One is considering Yeezy for a position, but it's more likely 'Ye is offering to play his inauguration.

Trump told reporters waiting in the lobby that the pair have been friends "a long time" and that Kimmy K's hubby is "a good man." Interestingly, Secret Service gave the hotheaded star full security clearance, even though just the other week he posed a danger to himself and others before his mental breakdown and subsequent hospitalization.

The fact that the upcoming leader of the free world made time to rub elbows with Yeezus is both mind-blowing and downright scary. Aren't there more pressing things to get done?!