Kate Hudson and bestie Sara Foster stopped by Body by Simone in Brentwood on Friday, and the ladies were decked out in printed spandex. We're willing to bed they were both rocking Kate's Fabletics line...

Kate was busy gabbing away on her phone while Sara sipped on some juice, and we couldn't help but notice that Kate was looking a little curvier. We kinda like it! Kate recently chatted with Hello! about her workout apparel, and she revealed that she doesn't beat herself up about indulging every now and then.

"I don't get too hung up on the specifics of diet; I think it's important to feed your soul," she told the mag. "Think about what you eat and, most importantly, how it makes you feel. Always listen to your body and don't beat yourself up if you enjoy a little indulgence. Like everyone else, I have good days and bad days, I just try to stay in tune with what makes my body feel the best."

She added, "Also (and this is so important) be kind to yourself. It's always difficult to make a change and there will be days when you don't feel so great and days when you don’t accomplish what you wanted to—that's OK. If you're trying (and trying to find activities you truly enjoy) then you're already succeeding." We love how honest she is!