All aboard! It's the Disneyland carousel for Mason Disick's 7th birthday party!

Mama Kourtney Kardashian took Mason and a friend, mom Kris and son Reign and daughter Penelope to Disneyland to celebrate her son's birthday. But where was dad Scott?!

Kourt wore adorably Minnie Mouse ears to put her family in the mood, but the mood was somber without Kim and Nori along to celebrate. In fact, this was Kris' first venture out in quite a bit. The whole family's been lying low since Kanye's breakdown, hospitalization and recent meeting with president-elect Donald Trump. Seems Kardashian World is in a bit of an upset -- all is NOT right in Hidden Hills, folks.

A source tells us even Kris -- who's usually the Teflon matriarch -- is taking everything pretty hard: "Kim and Kanye's marriage is up on the air. Kanye's mental health is in question and Kris just doesn't know what to do when she's not in full control of the situation. And she's definitely not in control of anything right now."

So when will the whole family return to the spotlight? No One Knows! Not even Kris ...

Well, happy birthday, Mason!