Kris Jenner's family may be in disarray but at least her house is in order!

The momager let Architectural Digest into her Calabasas mansion for a tour of her Kandyland Wonderland–themed Christmas decor -- and our eyes are certainly feasting on it all!

The 61-year-old, who shared the clip on her Instagram, showed the world that appearances matter even after her family's dramatic year.

The vid shows the mom opening the doors of her home, begins with Jenner opening the doors to her not-so-humble abode. “Hi, welcome to my house at Christmas,” she tells the camera. “Come on in!”

We then get to see shots of elaborate gingerbread houses, white stockings on the mantel, an over-the-top Christmas tree and a bright red metallic statue of a bear that Mason has dubbed "Christmas Bear."

Jenner and her designer Jeff Leatham then show off the reality star’s dining room, which is decorated with red roses and gold accents. She admitted, “I’m really kinda crazy ’cause I like to set the table and kind of leave it that way for the whole time.”

Quick! Distract everyone from our decaying family with a red metal bear and some roses! Good plan, Kris!

But she wasn't the only clan member who distracted herself from her personal problems with some festive glitter -- Kim Kardashian also displayed her holiday decorations on social media earlier in the week.

Kim's glamorous life may have lost its luster but at least her tree hasn't!