The Kardashian-Jenners are in turmoil after Rob and Blac Chyna's recent breakup and Kanye West's recent breakdown! But it seems Kylie and Tyga want to stay the hell outta all that!

We asked the couple about Kanye and how he's doing ... radio silence. We didn't even get a question in about Chyna and Rob. Kylie's half-bro with Tyga's baby mama means they both have a stake in that relationship and they'd probably rather have it work out than not -- since baby Dream and Tyga's son King Cairo are caught up in the mix of this pre-marital trouble.

The pair was at Yamato sushi in Encino, both dressed down in sweats (this is becoming a habit) -- Kylie in yoga pants with hoodie emblazoned with her name and furry slides.

Amid all the drama, it's surprising that the two who have it together the most are these youngins!