All I want for Christmas is you .. ❄️

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Love under the mistletoe!

Kylie Jenner has clearly inherited mom Kris' penchant for holiday decorating, and she couldn't resist showing off her Christmas tree masterpiece by cuddling and kissing in front of it with Tyga. "All I want for Christmas is you .. ❄️," she captioned the snapshot. These two are stronger than ever after their brief split earlier this year.

The plastic surgery princess is rapidly growing her business empire, but her rapper beau is the lucky one! If it wasn't for her, he'd be living in a sad apartment because he keeps getting evicted from every place he rents. Instead, he's relaxing in the lap of luxury while his super rich girlfriend takes care of him.

The 19-year-old will probably buy him a Ferrari or some other fancy gift to put under the tree, so let's hope he has some ideas in mind for her.... and that whatever he purchases doesn't get repossessed!