Because that's what we all need this holiday season!

Kylie Jenner filmed a sexy short film with boyfriend Tyga, and the photographer Sasha Samsonova calls it a "little surprise gift for the world." The clip features scenes like the reality star and her rapper beau in the shower, and they certainly didn't hold back on giving us a glimpse into their steamy romance.

"It fell into place very, very naturally. It just happened. The whole deal with this video is that it’s a very personal experience. It’s like you’re watching this person from a point of view that has never been seen before,” Samsonova told W magazine about shooting her "muse."

"It’s super raw footage. The thing about this video is that there’s no post-production work whatsoever. It’s only cut together. It’s very raw, and we tried to keep it that way — no skin retouching, nothing," she added.

T-Raww must feel like a real dufus filming these things with his barely legal girlfriend!