In case you were wondering, as all else in this world seems to be crumbling around us; everything we thought we knew has been disproven; waring is tearing us apart; and it feels like the sky is falling there is one universal truth that remains ... Pamela Anderson is still HOT!

The Baywatch babe strutted her stuff through the streets of Paris on her way to judge Top Model Belgium finals in the French capital (not sure why they don't hold the final in Brussels). And unlike some others in the fashion industry -- Anderson promotes a humane, sustainable world of fashion, free of animal products. The actress-model told fans, "Fashion doesn't have to be cruel." In support of her Pamela Anderson Foundation, she has made it her mission to educate the public about veganism and about cruelty-free fashion -- much like famed designer Stella McCartney.

Hey, if she can look that good at 49, she must be doing something right!