The drama doesn’t stop with Rob and Blac Chyna!

Over the weekend the feuding couple, who had a baby a month ago, split up after Chyna’s Instagram got hacked by an “anonymous hacker” (which is believed to be Rob), who claimed she had left Kardashian and that the hacker was going to “expose” that the reality star was cheating on Rob with other men.

The hacker then shared private DM messages and texts between Chyna and her lawyer, Jaden Smith and Young Thug — but oddly enough, the texts didn’t show any signs of infidelity. However, Rob took to Snapchat to post videos of his home, showing that Chyna had taken his daughter Dream and left. Chyna responded with a now- deleted message on social media in which she said that she was “done” with Rob’s “shenanigans.”

But the mess hasn’t stopped. Rob took to Instagram to post a photo of his daughter, saying that he missed her. In the post, he defended himself that the break up posts weren’t a publicity stunt. Rob wrote, “This wasn't fake or some publicity stunt. Trust me. My one month old beautiful baby girl got taken from me along with my wife who left me.”

Chyna responded in the comments section, “Rob stop it man! I sent u this pic!!!!!”

But it wasn't only Rob who was airing his dirty laundry on social media. The "model" also vented her frustration with her baby daddy -- and it's pretty brutal. She talks about leaving her house to move in with him, his depression, his jealousy, how she didn't cheat on him -- and a whole lotta other stuff she probably should have kept her mouth shut about. The whole message was a doozy.

It’s all possible that this was done to promote their one-hour Rob & Chyna Baby Special: Dream Come True, which aired last night — but we think it’s more that the volatile couple couldn’t contain their problems another minute!

Despite the big drama in her personal life, Chyna is still banking on making the big bucks with her "career." Chyna is still scheduled to make a paid appearance at 1 Oak nightclub in Las Vegas on Jan. 7, according to TMZ. She posted a pic promoting the event yesterday -- amid all the chaos. Girl's gotta make her money!