Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna celebrated the renewal of their reality show by doing what any couple would do... sucking face and throwing around money! The reclusive reality star documented the occasion on Snapchat, and we're at a loss for words. While they seem happier in their relationship than they've ever been before, they also seem a little unhinged.

These two better learn how to be more financially responsible, because once their show is over, we have no idea how they plan to make a living. The former stripper clearly isn't that worried, because she recently bought her mom Tokyo Toni a house and her man a brand new Range Rover.

Perhaps they have money to spare because their new landlord Kylie Jenner is giving them a break on rent? The controversial pair are currently living in one of the LipKit mogul's Calabasas homes, which makes us think they don't have enough dough to buy one of their own!