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This love triangle is getting interesting!

Bella Hadid posted a sexy swimsuit selfie with LOTS of sideboob on Instagram last night, and it's pretty obvious she's trying to show ex-boyfriend The Weeknd what he's missing! After all, the singer was spotted making out with Selena Gomez after a dinner in Santa Monica earlier this week, and now fans are wondering if his new song "Party Monster" is about the "Come & Get It" songstress.

"Ooh, she mine, ooh girl, bump a line / Angelina, lips like Angelina / like Selena, ass shaped like Selena," he croons in the tune. While he could be talking about late legend Selena Quintanilla, it's more likely he's paying tribute to his new girlfriend.

What does every new romance call for? A new haircut for a fresh start!

The Wizards of Waverly Place star's hairstylist just showed off her new bob on Instagram, and you know the minute a girl starts messing with her hair, she's either starting a relationship or ending one!