Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have gone their separate ways ... just to LAX at to the nail salon, guys!

These two are FAR from over, as their supposed impending divorce seems to have completely disappeared and they're more a family than ever.

DILF Ben Affleck hopped a flight out of LA, on Tuesday, while Jen stayed home with the kids -- hooking up with a friend and her daughter for a trip to the nail salon.

Ben was just in the new as his brother Casey Affleck accepted his Golden Globe award for his turn in Manchester By the Sea and neglected to thank his older brother in his acceptance speech. Ben was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night and ribbed his bro, saying that he himself thanked Casey when he won an Oscar for Good Will Hunting. He went on to say Casey once believed Back to the Future was based on a true story. Embarrassing!