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We are actually shocked Kris Jenner has let this get this far!

Blac Chyna has been shamelessly using the Kardashian name for fame since she got together with Rob last year, so it's no surprise that she posted this pic of her and Khloe's ex French Montana hanging out on a private jet in Las Vegas. The former stripper and the rapper, along with The Weekend, were apparently shooting a music video in Sin City, but rumors are already starting to swirl that there's more going on...

It's been clear to us from the get-go that the makeup line founder simply used Kimmy K's little bro to make a quick buck, but the rest of his family is starting to see that as well. What kind of coldhearted b*tch manipulates someone when they're struggling and vulnerable? Chyna, that's who!

"They don't trust her. And as crazy as it sounds, they think she could be up to anything. Their imaginations are running wild because he seemed stable before the baby and she seemed to have his best interests in mind, but they fear that's not the case with Blac anymore. They think she is very suspicious and her motives are even more suspicious," a source dished to Radar.

We have a feeling the reclusive sock designer is becoming more aware of the truth, and that's what caused his recent downward spiral and hospitalization.

Isn't it time they get rid of her for good? Chyna needs to crawl back into the dumpster she clawed her way out of!