He really gets around with this friend group!

Hailey Baldwin grabbed dinner with Jordan Clarkson last night at Catch in West Hollywood, and if you're a little confused, so are we! Kendall Jenner has been spotted with the NBA star on numerous occasions, and rumors that they're dating have been swirling since the summer. Perhaps they're all just really good pals? Although, hot models and rich athletes just "hanging out" seems a little far fetched.

Kenny has been linked to rapper A$AP Rocky too, so maybe she just let Hails have her discards? Bieber's former fling and the Lakers star were spotted holding hands after a NYE party, but everyone just kind of assumed they were steadying each other after a tipsy night.

What is The Biebs going to do with both of his ladies coupled up? Selena Gomez is getting hot and heavy with The Weeknd, and now this! JB is going to have to swoop in and woo at least one of them back. Our money is on Hailey being the easy target.