Doin' what girls do best!

Jennifer Lopez and bestie Leah Remini hit Barneys in Beverly Hills for a little shopping over the weekend, and we bet the two had no shortage of topics to gossip about during their spending spree. After all, Jenny from the Block is enjoying a new romance with Drake, and the King of Queens star is basically being stalked by Scientology minders following her A&E expose special.

J.Lo is reportedly "smitten" with the Canadian rapper, but her close pals are worried that their relationship is moving too fast to go the distance.

“Everyone’s concerned it’s going to burn bright, but quickly fizzle out once the passion and crazy chemistry subsides a little, and Jen’s going to be left totally crushed.This is a super passionate, crazy and intense roller coaster ride — as most of Jen’s relationships are. She is head over heels for him, and he seems to super dig her too," a source dished to Hollywood Life.

It sounds like the Bronx-born beauty is capable of handling herself, though, despite the concern.

"She has NOT been gushing about her new romance to friends or family, and instead has been trying to play it all cool. She wants to keep things between them easy, light and fun. She knows Drake is a bit of a player, so to help her avoid getting whipped on him, she is trying to take things slow and not put any pressure on him. The last thing Jennifer wants is for Drake to do something to make her look foolish or feel like she has been played," the source added.

We have no doubt our queen knows how to play her cards right!