Kanye West is back to work!

The troubled rapper guests on Tyga's new track "Feel Me" and the two headed out to Riverside, about an hour and a half east of LA, last night to shoot the single's music video. Kim and Kylie joined the nighttime trip to support their men, X17online can report exclusively.

The shoot that took place between 10pm yesterday and 3am this morning and featured dueling 4-wheel drives kicking up a LOT of dust at a local stadium. Kim stayed close to craft services and to her car, where she stayed bundled in a down puffer jacket. Kylie braved the 30-degree weather and watch the shoot from the sidelines.

The couples packed up an left in the wee hours of Thursday and headed back to Calabasas and Bel Air, respectively. They had to get their beauty rest before taking off for their family vacay to Costa Rica this afternoon!

Stay tuned for those pix, coming soon ...