Katie Holmes doesn't necessarily have that super-star look when she just out running errands or going to a Thai restaurant, for example. She wears he hair in a mussed-up top knot, throws on a grey sweater and jeans, a light plaid scarf and some black loafers (okay, so they're Gucci). Totally normal, right?!

Katie may be one of the most down-to-earth celebrities we know, but her past is less than simple -- as we also all know. Tom Cruise, Scientology, secret deals, set-ups, hush deals -- well now someone's taken Tom and Katie's story and turned it into a scripted show for E!. The premise is that "a male movie star-slash-key player in a cult-like group offers a far less experienced actress a ton of money to be his wife," as Jezebel describes it. Okay, so the creator of the show, Jonathan Abrahams, says The Arrangement is NOT about the famous former couple, telling Deadline: "The series is not inspired by the rumored circumstances surrounding Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ ill-fated union, nor is it a takedown of Scientology.”

Uh, we wonder what Katie will think of it. You think she'll sit on her comfy sofa, sipping wine, eating TV dinners with Jamie Foxx in her living room while watching her former life played out on the small screen?