These two have been spending more and more time together.

Kendall Jenner and rumored boyfriend A$AP Rocky hit up a flea market together for some shopping in Paris on Sunday, and they looked like quite the fashionable pair. The supermodel wore jeans and a brown fur coat, while the rapper wore red pants, a black pea coat, and Gucci shoes.

Just last week, they kicked it with Kylie and Tyga at a diamond store in NYC, before catching a tribute concert for the late A$AP Yams later that evening.

The Brooklyn-born bad boy seems to be winning the race to become Kenny's main man! Kimmy K's little sis has also been recently linked to Lakers star Jordan Clarkson and Memphis Grizzlies star Chandler Parsons, but is said to be "open" to the idea of being exclusive with the hip hop star. "They've been on and off for close to a year but have been hanging out with each other more lately. She likes him, and he likes her," a source dished to E! News.

They seem like such an odd match to us, but maybe that's because we can't seem to forget that interview he did, where he admitted to taking drugs and having orgies at South By Southwest music festival.

"Makonnen gave me acid at SXSW. This n***a looked like Buddha with a Jheri curl! After that, I went back to my mansion and f–ked nine chicks. It was pretty rad. That’s a true story," he boasted to the New York Post. "It’s like group sex. You have three at a time, and then you have three orgies. That’s nine chicks," he added.

The cat walker seems a little too squeaky clean for his taste, but maybe there's a side to her we don't know about!