Things are lookin' up!

Kim Kardashian stands to get her $4 million diamond ring back now that her Paris robbers have been arrested, Us Weekly reports.

Two brothers in their 50s, amid the 17 suspects, are accused of "disposing" of the bauble following the heist, and they could cooperate in ensuring its return. "They are involved in the diamond trade and are thought to have handled the stolen jewelry,” a source dished to the mag. "Their homes have been searched from top to bottom, and so has a jewelry shop in Paris which is also linked to them. The jewelry has not yet been found, but these brothers could lead us to it over the coming days," the source added.

Apparently, they frequent the Belgian diamond capital of Atwerp, which is where authorities suspect the rock was passed off. "It’s a town where jewelry can be sold on with no questions asked. The men know the industry inside out, and may well know exactly where the ring went," the source revealed.

Even if she gets it back, we doubt Kimmy K will leave the house in multimillion dollar bling anymore. Part of the motivation for her new toned-down look is so she isn't a target for organized crime.

At least if it made a safe return to her jewelry box, she could pass it down to Nori one day!