Kim and Kanye are breathing a sigh of relief after the robbers that held Kim at gunpoint in Paris and stole more than $10 million in jewelry are behind bars tonight.

As French policed announced the arrest of 17 people in conjunction with the crime, Kardashian's attorney in France said the reality star is vindicated -- that the arrests prove wrong all the people who doubted Kim's story and speculated it was a PR stunt.

Well Monday night, Mr. and Mrs. West celebrated with a sushi dinner at a quiet, out-of-the-way spot in LA. They didn't necessarily expect the paparazzi but Kim was dressed for it! She wore ripped jeans with lace pantyhose underneath, giving the denim a sexy, softer look. In keeping with her new casual style, she paired the jeans with a black sweatshirt and she wore her new favorite accessory -- a faux lip ring.

Kanye, meanwhile, wore a grey sweatsuit with Yeezys. His hair's still blonde and his eyes are still blank ...