Her whole family is really starting the trend of dressing like complete idiots!

Kylie Jenner dropped by Sephora in a yellow Ferrari to do a little makeup shopping over the weekend, and the reality star was clad in clear Yeezy heels, jeans, a hoodie, and a "dad" hat. We've seen the way Kim has been dressing since coming out of hiding - barf! - and it appears her image overhaul has trickled down to her little sister.

The K clan is really making their mark on fashion, and not in a good way! First they made boxer braids and chokers trendy, and now they're trying to make unflattering, oversized ensembles a thing. Just stop!

The LipKit mogul must have been stocking up on cosmetics to get all glammed up for the Golden Globes. She and her sister Kendall hit up the award show afterparties, even though there was no good reason for them to be there.

We guess when you're the second richest Kardashian, you can do whatever you want!