And she's quitting because of it!

Kylie Jenner has announced she will no longer be writing her own posts on her paid app, after a "very personal" post about sex toys and lingerie that she denies writing was published.

"Hey guys from now on I won't be posting personally on my app anymore. A post went up today quoting something that I NEVER EVER said or saw. A very personal post that I would never ever approve. And it's unfair to me and you to think that those were my words. I'm sorry and I know we will figure something out so we can all be satisfied," she tweeted.

The post did sound A LOT like something the plastic surgery princess would write, so we have to wonder if she is simply upset because she didn't plan on her rough draft getting out without consulting her PR team first?

“This morning, a drafted article was inadvertently posted for a short period of time on Kylie’s app. This was a draft that was not in Kylie’s words, was not Kylie’s idea and had not been sent to her for approval. We’d like to sincerely apologize to Kylie for his mistake … We deeply regret that this happened and will work hard to ensure this never occurs again," read an apology from her app team.

In other Ky news, she just made Forbes' 30 Under 30 list, and is the youngest person on it!

"The reality TV star's Kylie Cosmetics line has gone from strength to strength, with each incarnation of her $29 Lip Kits selling out upon release. Sources close to the teenager suggest the glosses did 7 figures in revenues in 2016 alone. Jenner also puts her name to an apparel line, alongside model sister Kendall. Per Forbes' estimates, she's the second-highest annual earner overall in her family, after half-sister Kim Kardashian," her entry in the mag read.

All in all life is pretty good for the LipKit mogul, even if the whole world now knows she's a freak in the sheets!