How many cars does one person need?!

Kylie Jenner is back in Calabasas doing her usual thing after a weeklong vacation in Mexico with Tyga and his son King, and the 19-year-old must have thought she needed a new ride for the new year, because she was whipping around in a freshly purchased silver Ferrari. She made a reported $18 million last year according to Forbes, so clearly she's got money to burn!

As if she wasn't busy enough making tons of dough with her LipKit empire, she decided to lend her famous face to the premiere episode of sister Khloe's new show Revenge Body by doing what else... giving away a LipKit!

The plastic surgery princess rapidly encroached on Kim K's crown in 2016, and we have a feeling she will be the reigning queen of the K clan by the end of 2017. Her life is going so well these days that she could use a new storyline, though. Marriage and babies perhaps? Although, we think she could do MUCH better than broke deadbeat Tyga!