Kylie, Tyga, Kris, Corey, Kourtney and the kids all touched down in LA, on Monday, after their family trip to Costa Rica -- but conspicuously absent with Kim. So, back on US soil, the family was lucky to even be allowed back in the country after President Trump's immigration ban. A Customs agent boarded the family's private jet to check it out -- fortunately everyone's passports were up-to-date and there were no Costa Rican Muslims hiding with the luggage!

So where was Kim? A source tells X17online the reality star had to head to New York for a work commitment, so she diverted -- and it seems Kanye may meet her there.

Kanye wasn't on the family vacay and neither was Kourt's baby daddy Scott. Seems the two ladies needed a little time away from their men, while Kris and Kylie were all too happy to cling to their boy toys during the trip to the tropics.

Apparently Kanye will be skipping the Grammys this year; after a difficult end to 2016, he needs time to chill and stay out of the spotlight, though the official reason for his absence is his protest of the Academy not nominating Frank Ocean's album last year. Hmmm ...