Nori's a lucky little girl!

Kim and Kanye's daughter got to go to the toy store with her nanny (and bodyguard) on Tuesday to pick up some treats. Odd timing since it was just Christmas a week ago and we're pretty sure at least one of the three Christmas trees in the West household had some presents under it. Alas, Nori isn't known for going without ... we imagine this girl gets what she wants! And apparently, stuffed animal was in order, so North and her peeps hoofed it to the nearest store to pick up some swag.

Nori just got back from traveling to Cleveland to visit dad Kanye's mother's grave. The rapper has reportedly been fixated on his mom's death since the ninth anniversary in November. The whole family took a private jet to visit the gravesite.

A trip to the toy store is probably just what Nori needed to lighten the mood after a somber family trip ...