Let's hope he sticks with it this time!

Rob Kardashian landed in the hospital last week due to binge eating and diabetes complications, but it appears the reality star has re-committed to his health, because he took the first step by going on a two hour hike with on-again fiancee Blac Chyna on New Year's day. The couple shared Snapchats of their workout with fans, and they seem to be getting along pretty well after their breakup earlier this month.

Not only did they hit the trails together, but the night before they celebrated New Year's Eve by each other's sides. We're starting to wonder if all the drama between them they are simply faking for ratings?

We find it hard to believe that they can fight as viciously as they do and then move on like it never happened. The former stripper has called her man "fat" and "lazy" and claimed he is verbally abusive, and Kimmy K's little bro has accused the video vixen of using him for fame and using their daughter Dream as leverage.

We have serious doubts these two will make it to the altar, but we guess we'll have to wait and see.