My baby

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Aww, she's cute!

Rob Kardashian has had his fair share of struggles, but it seems parenthood has given his life a new meaning. He just shared this adorable new photo of daughter Dream on his Instagram, and the little one looks like an angel in overalls!

The reclusive reality star and fiancee Blac Chyna are back together after their explosive fight during the holidays, but Kimmy K's little bro has learned his lesson on including his famous family in their drama.

"It's understandable that [Rob] wants their opinion on things that are going wrong, but as everyone knows, family doesn't forget, especially a mom. So, after Rob calls his sisters and mother and shares everything with them, it's hard for Chyna to re-enter the family after they reconciled, mainly for Dream's sake," a source dished to Entertainment Tonight.

"The family does feel bad for Chyna at certain points. It's hard to deal with a person suffering from depression and mood disorders. There are days that are bad and then good. Everything hinges on how Rob is doing the moment he wakes up -- is he going to work that day, will he be a dad this day? The girls understand that Chyna is in a tough place, but ultimately, their priority is Rob and they will stand by him until the end," the source added.

The former stripper seems to be doing OK, because she can't stop sharing sexy selfies like the ones below on social media.