Poor Saint! The little tyke -- like so many younger kids -- was afraid of the big white guy in a beard when his parents forced him to pose for a Christmas photo with Santa.

Kim Kardashian posted the pic of her little boy on her official web site, on Friday, and fans couldn't get enough of the chubby-cheeked boy, 13 months old, in agony as sister Nori, 3, looked on, shocked at her brother's reaction.

The pic was taken at music producer extraordinaire Rick Rubin's Malibu recording studio Shangri-La by Kanye's creative director Eli Russell Linnetz. X17online can report exclusively that Kanye was staying at the producer's seaside studio right after he was released from the hospital following his nervous breakdown back in early December.

We had the EXCLUSIVE pix of Kanye riding BMX bikes with his homies near the compound where Kim would come with the kids to visit. But the minimalist home studio became Kanye's transitional facility; after he did a week at Kendall Jenner's Westwood apartment, he stayed at Shangri-La for another week and a half before heading home to the Bel Air mansion he shares with Kim and the kids. Here are some photos of Kim visiting Kanye with the kids, during that week in December ...