He's cleaned up his act in hopes of getting his kids back!

Brad Pitt has recently gotten sober and is attending 12-step meetings, The National Enquirer is reporting. The actor allegedly struggled with alcohol, pills, and pot, and that's rumored to be one of the reasons Angelina Jolie filed for divorce last September.

The World War Z star spent $15K on a five-night sober retreat at the Casa Del Mar hotel in Santa Monica, and was spotted at a Narcotics Anonymous "Sexy Sober Sunday" group party on January 22.

"Brad’s benefitted from the principles and rules that come with dedicated sobriety, and he’s found a way to celebrate it, too. His friends have been key in helping him see the positives from clean living, which is why they arranged this sober divorce party," a source dished to the mag.

The father-of-six agreed to family therapy sessions, random drug testing, and handing over temporary custody to Angie as they hammer out their split, even though he was cleared of child abuse allegations by DCFS. His main goal now is to rebuild his relationship with his brood!

"Brad’s jumped through all the hoops now, he’s gone for child therapy, he’s been cleared by the authorities and the lowest statutory rights he has as a father would be overnight stays with the children. [He] doesn’t want any part of drugs or booze right now; he’s dedicated to his children. It’s what’s best for himself and his family in the long-term and that’s a bigger buzz than any cocktail or marijuana joint could provide," the source added.

Good thing BP has a solid support system, because his Oscar winning ex is making things pretty darn difficult for him! Her latest request is for $100K a month in child support, and Brad's camp is outraged.

"This will pay for all of the kids’ expenses as well as set up a trust fund for each child,” an insider revealed to In Touch, adding that $250,000 would be set aside each year and put in the kids’ trust by Brad and be capped at $5 million.

"[Brad] has no issue with taking care of the kids, but he prefers the money stay in a trust instead of letting Angelina have control of it via child support payments. Angie wants the divorce finalized within the next 90 days, including custody and property settlements. But with everything she’s asking for, it’s unlikely that will happen. She’s making ridiculous financial demands," the source explained.

We bet he wishes he had never left Jennifer Aniston! He could be smoking a doobie on the beach in Cabo with her right now, instead of fighting the Maleficent star tooth and nail!