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She doesn't seem to bothered, but the rest of the Internet is!

Britney Spears skipped the Grammys to kick back by a pool in her bikini in Malibu, but she still managed to make headlines, because Katy Perry took a shot at her with a reference to her 2007 mental breakdown.

"There was a pause in the music for a little while," Ryan Seacrest said to the "Roar" songstress during a pre-Grammy interview. "Yeah that's called taking care of your mental health," she quipped. "How'd that go?" he asked, to which she replied: "Fantastic! And I haven't shaved my head yet!"

Die-hard Brit Brit fans were pissed, and the hashtag #KatyPerryIsOverParty quickly began trending.

"Um... @katyperry mocked the mental illness of someone who went through a really dark time. That wasn't cool. At. All," one Twitter user wrote. "Joking about mental illnesses isn't funny, it never has been funny, it never will be funny, stop saying it's 'a joke'," another wrote.

Nobody messes with the pop princess and gets away with it!