Frank Ocean blasted the Grammys and the Recording Academy for awarding Album of the Year to Taylor Swift's for her 1989 over Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly last year, calling it "hands down one of the most 'faulty' TV moments [he's] seen." He said this during Rolling Stone's Music Now podcast.

He went on to slam the awards show producer Ken Ehrlich for his messed up performance in 2013. He said on TumblrRolling Stone's Music Now podcast:

    "Ok Ken (and David). As much as I hate to make you guys famous or even respond to you directly. We all die one day and you're old so f--k it. Yea yea my 2013 performance at the Grammys was absolute shit. Technical difficulties, blah blah. Thanks for the reminder. Very much appreciated. F--k that performance though. You think that's why I kept my work out of the Grammy process this year? Don't you think I would've wanted to play the show to 'redeem' myself if I felt that way?"

Ocean is skipping tonight's ceremony and did not submit his album Blonde for this year's awards. Kanye West is skipping the show, supposedly in protest for Blonde not being nominated - nevermind that Ocean didn't submit it.

He went on to explain that winning a Grammy doesn't matter to him:

    "Winning a TV award doesn't christen me successful. It took me some time to learn that. I bought all my masters back last year in the prime of my career, that's successful. Blonde sold a million plus without a label, that's successful. I am young, black, gifted and independent.. that's my tribute."