She's one proud auntie!

Even though they're not actually related, Kelly Rowland and Beyonce consider each other "sisters," so when we caught up with the Destiny's Child member at LAX, she couldn't hide her joy over Bey's pregnancy announcement! Even though she had lost her voice, KR gave us a peace sign, a thumbs up, a fist pound... basically everything she could to convey her excitement.

The "Lemonade" songstress is expecting twins, and sources are already tattling about their genders.

"Beyonce and Jay Z chose one female and one male embryo. Beyonce had a really hard time conceiving on her own, so it was an easy decision for them to choose the IVF route," an insider dished to Radar. "Beyonce knows that the world is in such dire straits right now and she is hoping that this gives her fans some hope and brightens their day," the source added.

Donald Trump got elected President, but Queen B has buns in the oven, so it's not the worst year in history.